Different products across our product portfolio can be integrated in different ways. We currently support 4 integration options, with each of the options providing different benefits for your business in terms of simplicity, speed, and efficiency. Below is a short overview of available integration options for each of our products.

ProductsSupported Integrations
Phone NumberJavaScript SDK, API, Bulk, Manual
Email AddressJavaScript SDK, API, Bulk, Manual
IP AddressJavaScript SDK, API, Bulk, Manual
Digital ScoreJavaScript SDK, API, Bulk, Manual
NameJavaScript SDK, API, Bulk, Manual

JavaScript SDK

Our Javascript SDK is the quickest path to unlock, test and use Trustfull features straight away. Developers can set up and start utilizing lightweight features instantly and with no coding necessary on your end.Β 

One of the core features of the Trustfull JS is the auto-capture mode. Enabled by default, it allows the Javascript to automatically map from fields and values collecting information whenever a user completes a submission on the page where the code snipped has been placed on. Please follow our detailed Javascript Guide to get started.

API Integration

Trustfull APIs enable you to incorporate our products into your business logic and programmatically query the platform, with complete control over the query logic remaining on your end. Communication with our APIs is secure as it takes place over HTTPS, with APP Key-based authentication via the HTTP Header.


API Reference

For additional information about the usage of our APIs, please head over to API Reference and follow our full API Integration guide.

Bulk Data Transfer

For clients which due to technical or business circumstances require us to periodically process large amounts of data, a secure batch data transfer via Amazon S3 is supported. This form of data exchange offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance for large query numbers.


Data Transfer Reference

For more details please check out the Data Transfer Reference, which offer detailed information about the bulk data transfer procedure and the expected structure of data.

Manual Lookups (Dashboard)

Our platform also allows for manual Phone, Email, IP, and Form lookups, that can be easily initiated from the dashboard. Although not automatized or programmable, this lookup method has proved essential for familiarising yourself with our platform and making ad-hoc checks on our self-service dashboard.