Platform Overview

The Trusfull platform focuses on delivering important risk signals embedded in customer digital footprints, at scale. Relying on a variety of ML models, our platform calculates and returns a risk score for phone, email, IP, device, browser and name to give you additional insights into every interaction, order, account, transaction, or opportunity.

Global Coverage

One of the key advantages of Trusfull is our global coverage. The platform can score phone numbers, email addresses, IP addresses, customer names, devices, and browsers from anywhere in the world - without dependancy on Mobile Network Operator (MNO) integrations.

Trusfull's global coverage is a significant advantage for businesses looking to leverage digital footprints to gain insights into their customers and reduce risk, and businesses can use the platform to analyse customer interactions, accounts, transactions, or opportunities, no matter where their customers come from.

High Throughput for API Calls

Trustfull is designed to serve high-volume applications with a robust API infrastructure ready to scale with your needs. The platform is capable of handling of processing more than 10 queries per second (QPS).

This level of throughput is important because it enables businesses to analyze large volumes of data quickly and efficiently. For example, a business that receives thousands or even millions of customer interactions per day could use the Trusfull API to score each interaction and identify potential risks or opportunities.

The ability to process queries at high throughput levels can also be important for real-time decision-making. For example, a business could use the Trusfull API to analyze customer behaviour almost in real-time and make quick decisions about how to respond to potential fraud or other risks.

Ready-to-use ML Models

Trusfull's ready-to-use ML models can help businesses make more informed decisions based on customer data. The platform's algorithms are pre-trained on a large data set, and cover key applications and are designed to be easy to use, making it easier for businesses to get started with the use of digital footprints. By using Trusfull's ML models, businesses can gain valuable insights into their customers and make decisions that are more accurate and effective.

What’s Next