Browser Figerprinting

In-dept browser insights intelligence

Key Features

  • Validate browsers: From a few hundred browser checks a month all the way to several million a day. We've got you covered.
  • Non-human detection: Pull together multiple browser-specific signals and combined data to create detailed visitor profiles.
  • No coding: Easily copy & paste the Javascript SDK on your onboarding funnel and auto-capture browser signals.
  • Anonymous - no PII: Unleash non-personally identifiable information to boost your scoring model with alternative data.

Eliminate bad traffic from your pipeline and funnels

Browser settings

Trustfull's browser intelligence performs hundreds of browser tests to assure the authenticity and root out human and non-human visitors attempting to mask their true identity.

  • Detect privacy browsers such as Tor, Brave, and DuckDuck;
  • Flag sessions made from Incognito Mode;
  • Block Browser spoofing attempts.

Behavioral analysis

Trustfull's Behavioral Analysis Engine detects anomalous activity at both the network and individual levels, from unusual keystroke dynamics, across suspicious scrolling and browsing patterns down to abnormal click rates and traffic spikes.

  • Mouse activity;
  • Keystroke dynamics;
  • Touschscreen behavior.

Browser extensions

Detect usage of browser anti-fingerprinting extensions such as AdBlock Plus, AdBlocker Ultimate, AudioContext Fingerprint Defender, CyDec Platform Anti-Fingerprinting, Disconnect, DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials, Fingerprint Spoofing, Ghostery, Font Fingerprint Defender, Privacy Badger, Script Safe, WebG Fingerprint Defender, DOM blockers.

Extensive data analytics

Visualize your data down to the second and unlock powerful insights.


This integration requires the installation of a Javascript SDK