Email Address Analytics

Let the bigger picture behind an email address unfold. Verify customer emails in seconds to effortlessly differentiate between legitimate and fake accounts.

Key Features

  • High accuracy: Drive up account verifications with accurate email checks, AI-driven email scoring, and deliverability analysis.
  • Spam detection: Eliminate fake email addresses and improve customer experience by automating your approval process.
  • No impact on UX: Score email addresses silently in the background, without interfering with the user experience.
  • Global email insights: Worldwide coverage for verifying email addresses at scale, irrespectively of geolocation.

Unlock the power of email address intelligence

Email verification

Confirm that the address is valid, get detailed domain whois info, and calculate risk score based on address maturity, string analysis, and data breach lookup.

  • Instant email validation;
  • Capture personal behavioral insights;
  • Email to location lookup;
  • Email to partial phone.

Open-source intelligence

Get the most comprehensive reverse email lookup, with the ability to detect association of email with popular online services.

  • Discover if an email is linked to an account on social media platforms;
  • Detect association with popular online services and apps;
  • Retrieve information about avatar, username, bio and more.

Email picture analysis

Gather web images associated with the email address and analyze them to detect suspicious patterns.

  • Gender and age approximation from profile photos with human faces;
  • Identify profile images created with generative AI algorithms;
  • Detect suspicious avatars patterns, indicative of fake identities.

Business email data enrichment

Real-time data enrichment, powered by machine learning and highly-trained QA. Get the full context about the company behind every business email.

  • Direct association of an email address to a company;
  • Company size, industry, and annual revenue of the organization;
  • DNS and domain analysis, including information about website presence.

Extensive data analytics

Visualize your data down to the second and unlock powerful insights.

Multiple lookup options

Upload telephone numbers in a file, query our powerful API or install the widget on your web form.

  • API processing: Flexible API integration allows you for real-time responses and actionable results.
  • Batch Upload: Upload all your data in one go, in its current format. Weโ€™ll insert your results alongside your original data, in the same order.
  • Widget: A lightweight JS code can be deployed in minutes, with no code required.