June 2024 Update

"June's Product Updates 🌻: New Email API signals for verifying Adobe, Freelancer, and LastPass accounts, plus additional Gravatar profile details. Phone API now includes 'phone_has_snapchat' for Snapchat account insights.

May 2024 Update

"May's Product Updates 🌼: Dive into our new 'Recipes' section for step-by-step guides on mastering platform features, explore enhanced security with 'Remote Service Detection' in our IP API, and ensure robust network safety with our latest blacklist monitoring capabilities."

April 2024 Update

April's Product Updates 🌷: Elevate your security with Trustfull's 'Face Match' feature in the PHONE & EMAIL API, expertly comparing faces to prevent identity fraud. Also, discover our latest Email API enhancements with new signals for Samsung and Atlassian, and insights into Apple accounts with our Phone API for deeper user profiling and engagement.

March 2024 Update

March Update Highlights 🌱: Boost your insights with our Email API's new 'email_has_booking' signal for Booking account detection and enhance security with IP API's Proxy Detection feature, plus a reminder about the upcoming deprecation of fixed-line calls in our Phone API.

February 2024 Update

Unveil deeper insights with Trustfull's new 'Insights' feature for model accuracy, comprehensive Analytics Summary reports, cutting-edge Device Analytics, secure Login Logs visibility, and the innovative 'phone_has_bukalapak' signal for enhanced Southeast Asian market insights.

January 2024 Update

πŸš€ Elevate Digital Trust with Enhanced Multi-Image Analysis, Revolutionary Identity Graph, and New Email API Signals for Duolingo and Binance Account Insights.

December 2023 Update

In our latest update, Trustfull introduces an advanced suite of risk-scoring models and an innovative Rule Builder, revolutionizing how businesses manage digital risks with simplicity and precision.

November 2023 Update

Enhanced PHONE API now includes detailed caller identification, advanced number type detection, Viber connectivity features, and comprehensive WhatsApp Business field integration.

October 2023 Update

Enhance trust and risk assessments with our latest API feature delivering concise reason codes directly in API and Batch Export, plus important updates on customer_id usage in API calls.

September 2023 Update

September 2023 cumulative update