+ùThis section contains a reference to a full list of parameters provided returned by Trustfull,
You can use this data catalogue as a reference in interpreting fields provided in our API responses.

General Data

customer_idCustomer id provided during the API call
resolution_idResolution id which identifies user document within TRUSTFULL.
device_request_timeThe Date Time when the request was made
webhook_urlThe URL from which the call originated from

Name Signals

name_valuestringthe full name provided during the API call
the comma separates the first name from the last name.

Ex: John,Doe
name_is_validbooleanDetermines whether the name is a valid first and last name

Ex: true
name_genderstringThe gender derived from the first and last name

Ex: F, M
name_scoreintegerA number ranging from 0 to 1000 represents the quality of the name information detected

Ex: 649
name_score_clusterstringA cluster summarizing the quality of the name provided

Ex: very_low, low, review, high, very_high
name_risk_typestringIf the name is not valid describes the type of risk possible values are:
- RANDOM_TYPING: The invalid name might be the result of random or unintentional typing errors.
- PLACEHOLDER: An invalid name described as a placeholder typically means it's a common placeholder name such as John Doe
- PLACEHOLDER_TITLE: Similar to "PLACEHOLDER," but specifically indicating that the invalid name is intended as a title such as Mr or Miss.
- FICTIONAL: The invalid name is fictional or imaginary, not representing a real entity or person.
- FAMOUS: It closely resembles or is associated with a well-known person, place, or entity.
- HUMOROUS: The invalid name is possibly a joke word.
- INVALID: A general category indicating that the name is invalid without specifying the reason.
- INVALID_CHARACTERS: The invalid name contains characters that are not allowed or recognized.
- STRING_SIMILARITY: Values found in first_name and last_name are very similar to each other often the same identical string
- VULGAR: If the invalid name contains offensive or inappropriate language, it would be classified as "VULGAR."
- OTHER: This category is a catch-all for any other type of risk or issue not covered by the specific categories above.

name_has_facebookbooleanDEPRECATED Indicates that the name of the user is present on facebook, without ambiguities

Ex: true
name_facebook_avatar_urlstringDEPRECATED A url pointing to the facebook profile picture

Ex: https://...
name_reason_codesstringComma separated risk and trust signal for the product name.
For more information about reason codes you can go to Reason Codes

Ex: TP001,RP001
name_identity_device_countintegerThe number of devices identities associated with this name

Ex: 2
name_identity_email_countintegerThe number of email identities associated with this name

Ex: 2
name_identity_msisdn_countintegerThe number of phones associated with this name

Ex: 2
name_identity_ip_countintegerThe number of ip addresses associated with this phone name

Ex: 2

For more information about how to perform an api call you can go to Name API