Device Detection

Analyze user interactions in more detail by capturing valuable device data with instant and secure user-agent string lookup.

Key Features

  • Device intelligence: Effortlessly identify user devices based on type, model and unique hardware characteristics.
  • Reliable data: A daily updated user-agent database for delivering the highest level of accuracy & reliability.
  • Powerful & scalable: From a few hundred requests a month all the way to a million a day, we've got you covered.
  • Seamless integration: Start embedding actionable device signals in minutes, with our simple API integration.

Build enterprise-grade device awareness into your applications

Accurate user-agent parsing & device identification

With hundreds of new smart devices launched every week, keeping up-to-date with device detection can be challenging. Trustfull accurately identifies key device characteristics, allowing you to identify suspicious setups and strengthen authentication with device fingerprinting.

Hardware data enrichment

Understanding device level data helps ensure peace of mind throughout customer interactions. In addition to device recognition capability useful for flagging anomalies, Trustfull enriches device data to provide information such as price segments and release years, making it an excellent fit for segmentation, analytics and business intelligence applications.

Device spoofing detection with Trustfull JS

Not every device might be what it seems at a first glance. Our SDK library can be embedded in any website to enable instant verification of devices accessing the site, to automatically identify anomalies and user-agent string tampering. Fast, light, and easy to set up.

Extensive data analytics

Visualize your data down to the second and unlock powerful insights.

Multiple lookup options

Upload telephone numbers in a file, query our powerful API or install the widget on your web form.

  • API processing: Flexible API integration allows you for real-time responses and actionable results.
  • Batch Upload: Upload all your data in one go, in its current format. Weโ€™ll insert your results alongside your original data, in the same order.
  • Widget: A lightweight JS code can be deployed in minutes, with no code required.