Scoring Methodology

Follow our instructions on how best to utilize the Trusfull Scorecard.

Understanding our Scorecard

Trustfull examines digital footprints to allow for intelligent insights based on more data. It offers you a chance to conduct an in-depth analysis utilizing hundreds of signals through phone, email, and IP data, although to better understand the context of each level, please feel free to consult the table below.

Score ValueLevelRecommendationDescription
0-225PoorDECLINELikely to be spam, non-human traffic or synthetic identity
226-450BadDECLINEMultiple negative signals
451-550ModerateMANUAL REVIEW / APPROVEPartial information available
551-775GoodAPPROVEMultiple positive signals
776-1000HighAPPROVEStrong and consistent digital signal

Depending on the model associated with each product, scoring the same customer with two different models can yield different results. Please be aware of this when assessing borderline cases between different cut-offs.