Meet Our Powerful Rule Builder

What are models?

Trustfull is a cloud-based digital risk intelligence platform that collects data to evaluate the quality and reliability of your online customers in seconds. Historical data is gathered from information based on Phone Number Intelligence, Email Address Analytics, IP Address Data, Device Detection, and Browser Fingerprinting data.

By using Trusfull's Models, businesses can gain valuable insights into their customers and make decisions that are more accurate and effective. Combining the knowledge of our in-house experts and the powerful Trustfull rule engine, you will be able to:

  • Create complex rules with a simple interface, with no coding involved
  • Work fast with a powerful autocomplete
  • Browse our rule bank to build your starter pack

Using system-generated models

We’ve packaged the extensive experience of our data team into ready-to-use models allowing you to assume complete control over scoring outcomes quickly. To increase your go-live times, we have deployed a range of out-of-the-box models that you can use instantly after creating an account with Trustfull. Of course, you can easily select the product type (phone, email, browser, IP, device) and then create a strategy based on existing models.

Using the intuitive interface to tweak predefined rules and scoring determines data points that are relevant to your industry. The more you personalize your rule set, the better your scoring model.

Each selected rule combination yields different results. During the process of defining your score methodology, you can start blacklisting or whitelisting information, thus getting closer to your ideal fraud and risk assessment strategy.

Building custom models

Getting down to the specifics, you can create new models from scratch or clone and modify an existing model, to effortlessly establish complex customized rule sets and build a scoring methodology better suited to your particular industry.

Do you want to test several models and benchmark which one performs better? No problem. With Trustfull’s Models, you can easily backtest and compare models with our impact previews. Once you choose the right model, you can easily deploy them to production from the web-based dashboard in just a few clicks, with no coding required.

Create from scratch

Creating a New Model from scratch allows you to build your risk-scoring strategy from the ground up. This way your team can set all the parameters and rules according to business priorities. Simply name your project (i.e. Model), and start adding rules (as shown in the video below). You will immediately be able to collect valuable data and test scoring outcomes. The data, of course, varies depending on the product types you're using (phone, email, device, IP, etc.).

Clone system model

Sure creating a custom model from scratch gives you a lot of freedom, although the ability to clone a system model offers certain advantages as well; especially when you have a specific risk assessment strategy already in place. All your team has to do is select from our vast library of risk models, copy the model, name it and they're all set (see video below). This approach is a lot quicker and can yield effective results and scoring outcomes straight away.