Manual Lookup

Instantly accessible from our Dashboard, the option for Manual Lookup offers you a chance to easily analyse user data for Form, Phone, Email or IP Address products.

Before running a manual lookup, please make sure to select the appropriate App Key in order to accurately organise and track query sources. For each of the options, Trustfull also has templates on offer that show you quick examples of a potentially Good Customer and Bad Customer. You can use these templates to substitute your inputs.

Manual Form Lookup

In order to get a quick set of signals from a Manual Form lookup, you'll need to enter at least two of the following: Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Device and IP Address. Details about the scored form will be displayed below shortly after running the lookup, and will be made available for future use under Lookups in the navigation menu.

Please note that the Device and IP Address will reflect the current device you are browsing from and that, if not substituted with intended values, this might affect the overall Form Score.

Manual Phone Lookup

The Manual Phone Lookup requires the phone number only. Valuable data will be available straight away below the input field, and will also be stored and made available under Lookups > Phone Number in the navigation menu.

Manual Email Lookup

The Manual Email Lookup requires the email only. Shortly after, the data and collect signals such will be displayed below the input field and will be made available under Lookups > Email Address in the navigation menu..

Manual IP Address Lookup

The IP Address Manual Lookup you to enter the IP address only. Similarly to other products, relevant results will be displayed shortly after under the input field and made available under Lookups > IP Address in the navigation menu.