Digital Score

Combine multiple Trustfull products to accurately score user interactions, indicating perceived risk on a 0-1000 scale.

Key Features

  • Holistic view: Assess risk based on an array of 300+ data points embedding email, phone, ip, device and browser behavior data.
  • AI & ML powered: Flexibility to combine built-in machine learning algorithms with user-defined scoring rules, for best results.
  • Real time results: Our low-latency technology works silently in the background, allowing you to receive scores in seconds.
  • Applicable worldwide: Score customers and user interactions irrespective of their geolocation, thanks to our global coverage.

Assess risk across all touchpoints

Manage digital footprints analytics end-to-end

As fraudsters continue to rely on sophisticated methods for hiding their tracks, lines separating them from genuine users are becoming increasingly blurry. It is more important than ever to conduct holistic digital footprint intelligence, and Trustfull looks at a full-spectrum of trust and risk signals under one roof to holistically analyze email, phone, IP, device, and browser behavior data for more accurate risk decisions.

Fully configurable scorecards

Our built-in fraud detection models come pre-trained based on our vast experience in stopping fraud. We go beyond that to provide you with full control over scoring outcomes, through an easy-to-use interface to establish custom rules and scoring weights on the entire spectrum of collected data points. Simply specify your conditions and backtest your results to get more personalized scoring outcomes.

Self learning with automated pattern detection

Manually managing a wide array of signals can be overwhelming. Trustfull automates the data extraction process unlocking new ways of fine tuning our machine learning models by automatically isolating relevant patterns from your historical data. This allows for effortless automatic configuration of your scorecards, for even higher accuracy levels.

Extensive data analytics

Visualize your data down to the second and unlock powerful insights.

Multiple lookup options

Upload telephone numbers in a file, query our powerful API or install the widget on your web form.

  • API processing: Flexible API integration allows you for real-time responses and actionable results.
  • Batch Upload: Upload all your data in one go, in its current format. Weโ€™ll insert your results alongside your original data, in the same order.
  • Widget: A lightweight JS code can be deployed in minutes, with no code required.